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Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia


CKNS is the official voice of recreational paddling in the province (canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddling boarding). We are supported financially by members, and by the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage for the province. We have developed several strategies for supporting and encouraging recreational paddling:

  • Instruction
  • Paddling resources
  • Route maintenance
  • Recreational area and environmental protection through advocacy
  • Promotion through displays and event hosting

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CKNS’s values represent the contribution we hope to make to our sport as well as the way we will behave with our members and other stakeholders. CKNS will:
● Be inclusive in programming and leadership;
● Demonstrate integrity and safe paddling in all aspects of our organization;
● Be supportive of our members, their groups, clubs and all paddlers in Nova Scotia.
● Environmentally responsible in our programming.

Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia
Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia
Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia


CKNS had its beginnings on November 28, 1973, (formerly Canoe Nova Scotia) when the Nova Scotia Department of Recreation organized a meeting of “canoeing enthusiasts” to explore the need for establishing an organization that would be responsible for developing all aspects of canoeing and making programs and information available to interested people. Represented at this meeting were the Canadian Canoe Association, Canadian Hostelling Association, Canadian Whitewater Association, Canadian Camping Association, Dalhousie University, Physical Education Department of Halifax Schools, & the Canadian Red Cross.

The result of this and subsequent meetings was the incorporation of the Canoe Nova Scotia Association in 1976. Many members embraced the new sports of whitewater and sea kayaking in the province in the 1990’s and CNS began to provide limited support for these sports. The organization changed its name in 2000 to Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia to reflect its changed role, as it began to offer additional services to kayakers as well as canoeists.

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CKNS has been an advocate for safe paddling, embracing outdoor activity, wilderness appreciation, and environmental stewardship since 1973.